Behavioural Therapy

Depression & Anxiety are not illnesses by itself - it a "consequence' of how we have been responding to life & situations on a much subtler level - both physically & mentally.

CBT is a short term therapy that involves helping people change their thought patterns to result in behavioural changes. It is a form of psychotherapy and helps one battle stress, overcome difficult relationships and deal with other challenges too. CBT is a widely used treatment for some of the most commonly occurring mental conditions. It is appropriate for various conditions and across different ages from children to adults. CBT is used to treat disorders like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), eating disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), phobias, anxiety, and depression too. CBT even helps in the treatment of substance use and sexual disorders.


What does CBT do?

- Treats mental illness without medication
- Helps one learn techniques to cope with stress
- Helps one cope with loss and grief
- Identifies ways to manage emotions
- Manages symptoms of mental illnesses
- Assists in better communication methods and reduction of relationship conflicts.


I had this amazing sessions with Vaishnavi, who helped me heal and overcome my anxiety and depression through Cognitive Behavioural Threapy. She not only understood what i was going through, but she also helped me understand how i can i control my thought patterns and divert them to a positive one.


A great come back for a person like me who had a lot of negative thoughts lately. Thanks for Disha my therapist to help me come out my negative thought process and depression. Amazing work by Pinkymind.


Very nice app meant for mental health and counselling. I am taking counselling session by Manisha Chopda and she is the best counsellor i have ever spoken to. Counsellors are very professionals and knowledgeable and the charges are very less compared to other websites.