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Sometimes, all you need is a listening ear.
You can now have private conversations with trained counsellors on chat, call or video. We provide online counselling for depression, anxiety and relationship issues. We also cater to issues such as work stress, parenting challenges, academics and career related problems and more. Discuss what is troubling you from the comfort of your home or on your commute to work, whenever you wish! We are only a tap away.


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Quick Chat is a guided conversation taken forward by an experienced counsellor to understand your problems and recommend the right experts. Rest assured, we guarantee complete confidentiality between you and your counsellor with our simple online psychological counselling App.

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Select an expert from our list of qualified and trained counsellors. Book an appointment for a video or audio consultation at your convenience. We understand the need for flexibility and therefore, you can also reschedule to a different time or date as per your preference.


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Busy at work? Packed schedule? Prior commitments? If you are unable to fix an appointment for a face-to-face session for whatever reason, we have a solution! Open up to our trained counsellor over a video call and unburden yourself. It is as real as an in-person consultation where you can discuss what you are going through.