Our Vision

The vision is to touch as many lives as possible. The company aims to spread the use of the application to the large social communities. Wider the reach, greater the number of people benefited. The counselors associated with the platform help, support and guide those who reach out for a better and happier life.
Conversing with people in their own language reduces the communication gap and puts one at ease. To this end, the application is equipped with multi-lingual counselors and aims to connect unhappy individuals to the experts near and far. When he/she discuss his/her situation, the counselors analyze the feelings involved and also take measures to unearth risks for the future.
They measure the intensity of suffering. They ensure one is comfortable, listen effectively and then suggest options for recovery. The goal is to help one grow to be an energetic and motivated individual.

Who needs our service?

  1. a. People who feel lonely and are hesitant to reach out due to social stigma.
  2. b. People who don’t know where to go or whom to reach out to for the support required.

Digital Emotional well-being programmed for all

Pinkymind provides an effective solution for anxiety, stress, and depression and more for everyone.


  1. a. Timely support by a trained and licensed counselor
  2. b. Customized solutions for specific problems like divorce, breakup or any family issue
  3. c. Handy tool to manage concerns of personal and professional lives
  4. d. Boosts self worth and confidence.


  1. a. Analyze the reason for reduced productivity
  2. b. Develop the ability to maintain work-life balance
  3. c. Makes the work environment conflict-free and happier
  4. d. Anxiety management at work
  5. e. Addresses and eliminates nervousness in new employees.
  6. f. Conquers the panic of being unsuccessful


  1. a. Improves communication in a teacher-student relationship.
  2. b. Manage exam anxiety and academic pressure among learners