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At Pinkymind, we give you a non-judgemental hearing. Believe us, you will start feeling better when you start unloading your emotional baggage by talking to us, the anger and emotions which you been holding it for a too long.
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In today’s fast paced world, stress has emerged as a troublemaker. Work, study, career and relationship related issues can merge and grow into an anxiety disorder. Many of us tackle depression quietly without any help. At times, it can be increasingly difficult for to keep tabs on mental health while struggling to cope with daily life.

Unleash the benefits of Online counselling, download Pinkymind mobile app to book appointment with therapists to have a PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS discussions.


Talk to our experts for guidance to fight Panic attacks, Anxiety, depression, OCD, Stress, Worries, Fear


Our experts will counsel to resolve Relationship issues, Divorce, Marital Issues and do Couple counselling


Use our self-help tool to manage anxiety, stress and negative thoughts. Use mind games to calm your mind.

Our Team

The management of Pinkymind includes the founder, Stephen T Chacko. He mentors the team of Pinkymind. Being the torchbearer, he is passionate about serving mankind, touching lives and filling them with positive energy. He has worked in organizations which have changed many lives by providing jobs, financial freedom and good health for the past 20 years.

In 2010, Stephen experienced his first panic attack on an international flight. With this, he also developed claustrophobia and anxiety. It took him a long time to recover. The problems he faced nearly destroyed him, but he gradually recovered, supported by therapy, medicines and meditation. This made him want to channelize the same kind of spirit and energy in others’ lives with an simple Psychology app called as pinky mind

Instead of combating alone, Stephen and his colleagues worked on the concept. This includes skilled psychologists, coaches, and mental health specialists. The team at Pinkymind strives to address and eliminate trauma for a happier and productive life.

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